Our mission and values

We are Banktech

Our Vision: To deliver innovative payment products and services that ensure we are the leader in all markets which we operate in.

Our Mission: Delivering innovative payment solutions that are secure, reliable and add value.

Our Values: Our values guide how we work and how we treat each other.

  • Being Fair: We ensure that we maintain fair and open practices to provide opportunities to all.
  • Relationship Driven: We value partnerships and commit to maintaining respectful communication which is honest and open.
  • Value Over Price: We ensure that we offer products and services that enable and bring value to our clients. We strive for quality and reliability over price.
  • Strive For Excellence: Everyone is encouraged to share their knowledge and expertise so that collectively we deliver highly relevant, high quality, good value products and services.

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Banktech has 30 years experience working with the hospitality industry to deliver high quality products and services.