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Driving the cash economy in South East Asia

BTI Payments is an independent diversified payments technology business established in Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai and Philippines. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of BANKTECH, who have been a leader in ATM and payment technology in Australia for 25 years. BANKTECH owns and manages more than 15,000 payment devices across Australia, India and South East Asia, processing over A$1 billion worth of transactions a month.

BTI Payments’ are experts in transaction processing and payment device management and have a highly regarded reputation across Asia for large scale self-service device deployment.

Our aim is to use our expertise to provide financial inclusion to under or unserved segments of emerging countries in Asia. If we can make cash more accessible in cash-for-commerce oriented communities, we hope to drive greater economic activity which will lead to more prosperous communities.

To this end, we are committed to building networks of ATMs and self-service payment devices to enable financial institutions, telcos, utilities and merchants more access points to serve customers. We deploy in areas where it can provide incremental coverage to the existing networks and also to new markets being developed.

What can we provide?

  1. Managed Services

BTI Payments provide independently operated, strategic deployment of ATM and self-service devices to financial institutions.  Our deployment expertise allows institutions to expand their service footprint, reach more markets and provide customers a more convenient service with minimal to no capital outlay.

  1. Payment Kiosk

Aside from bill payments and mobile top-ups, served through ATM networks, we also recognize the importance of providing the unserved and underserved with increased self-service points to pay bills and add value to their mobile phone and wallets using cash. BTI is deploying a range of self-service payment kiosks in the Philippines with opportunities to expand across the region.

Achievements to date


  • BTI Payments (formally known as Banktech India)established in 2006. 51% joint venture between BANKTECH and ICICI Venture.
  • Own and operate 8,000+ POS terminals and provide various managed ATM services for 700+ ATMs on behalf of various banks in India.
  • As part of the Indian Government’s Financial Inclusion initiative, BTI Payments have a licence from the Reserve Bank of India to roll-out 9,000 ATMs across rural India over 3 years. As at March 2016, BTI rolled out 3,500 ATMs with another 5,500to come over the next 12 – 18 months.
  • Entered into agreement with IBM to fund rollout of further 4,000 ATMs.
  • ATMs are located in freestanding retails shops with around 88% located in rural towns.
  • These retail locations are well positioned to support the growth needs for financial services in rural India, such as Bill Payment and e-commence services.


  • Established in 2015, the primary focus in the Philippines will be on ATMs and bill payment kiosk deployment.
  • Received preliminary approved from BancNet (Philippines central payments switch) to join as an independent ATM deployer.
  • Commenced deployment of bill payment kiosks in the Philippines.

China / Hong Kong

  • Established offices in China (Hong Kong and Shanghai) in 2010.
  • Partnered with ATMs in Hong Kong (BIN sponsored by SCB) and with Travelex for off-premise deployment in Hong Kong.
  • Own and operate Citic International’s ATM network in Hong Kong, in partnership with NCR.
  • Support Virtual Teller Machines and ATMs SCB in Hong Kong and GuangFa Bank in Macau in conjunction with our partner GRG Banking.
  • Commenced deployment of a self-service coin exchange kiosk in Hong Kong to enable consumers to convert excess coin to notes.

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