Streamlined cash redemption

AutoPay is an intelligent, smart-safe cashier assist solution that ensures efficient and secure cash redemption.

Why an AutoPay?

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AutoPay ensures your cashier is able to swiftly scan and redeem patrons’ tickets.


AutoPay keeps notes in a Level 1, 24 hour rated safe.

Multi-level access

Multi-level ‘admin’ access for added security, allowing you to set who can access the AutoPay and when.

Easy to use

AutoPay has an intuitive, easy to use touch screen layout.


Connects to our Omni VISION online portal allowing you to monitor the AutoPay as well as other Banktech/Utopia devices.


Level 1, 24 hour rated safe

Integrated with all major gaming systems

Intuitive touchscreen interface

Multi-level access

Easy reporting and diagnostics

Flexibility of two configurations

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