Fast, accurate, time saving

Banktech has a range of cash recyclers suitable for venues of all sizes. Our recyclers remove the need for manual cash handling with high speed note and/or coin counting, significantly reducing your cash handling costs.

Why a DepositConnect Cash Recycler?

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A recycler for every venue

A range of devices to suit every venue.


Significantly reduces time and cost of cash handling and reduces shrinkage. 

Multi-level access

Multi-level ‘admin’ access for added security (using pin, RFID or biometrics) allows you to restrict access, set withdrawal amounts and frequency.


Connects to our Omni VISION online portal allowing you to remotely monitor the DepositConnect as well as other Banktech/Utopia devices.


Note and coin counting

Multi-level access

Level 1, 24 hour rated safe

Time saving

Reduce shrinkage


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Banktech has more than 25 years experience working with the hospitality industry to deliver high quality products and services.