Recruitment process

Banktech strives to provide all our candidates with an opportunity to showcase their skills and experience and demonstrate how they could make a contribution.

Our process varies slightly depending on the role for which you have applied, but a typical process will look like this.

1. Submit your application

Your resume and letter of application are the best place to start demonstrating that you have the skills for the role.

2. Discussion with the recruitment team

If you look like you might be a good fit for the role you will have an initial screening conversation with our recruitment lead. You can discuss your capabilities, ask some questions and confirm that you wish to continue with your application.

3. Interview

If your screening discussion goes well you will be invited to a face to face meeting with the hiring manager. As we learn more about your suitability you will also get to learn more about us as a potential employer.

4. Selection Testing

Depending on the nature of the role you might need to complete some selection tests. This could be anything from ability tests for a role in the workshop to psychometric testing for management roles.

5. Meet an Executive team member

Our Executive team tries to meet as many potential recruits as possible. You’ll learn about their style and what their business focus is.

6. Reference check

If you reach this stage it means we are very interested in you. We will ask you to nominate at least two people who can comment on your skills and experience, at least one of whom you should have reported to directly.

7. Other pre-employment checks

Because of the nature of our business, a police check is a critical part of our process. You may also need to complete a medical examination.

8. Finish

We will discuss our offer and the induction process.

Tips for candidates

Selection for vacancies at Banktech is based on merit, meaning that candidates are assessed for their suitability for a role against the requirements of the role.

  • Candidates should submit a letter of application and resume for any vacancy in which they are interested.

  • As a general guide, letters of application should be no more than two (2) pages in length and should highlight key skills and experience related to the role.

  • Do tailor your letter to the requirements of the role rather than submit a general letter.

  • Resumes should be no more than four (4) pages in length and cover qualifications, skills, work history, responsibilities and achievements. Focus should be on recent roles held rather than on anything greater than ten (10) years ago.

  • Do be concise, clear, relevant and accurate.

  • Don’t submit photocopies of references. If you progress through the selection process we will ask to speak to your referees directly.

  • Do have the names of at least two(2) referees and their contact details ready in the event that you are asked to supply them.

  • Do let us know if you have a disability or a special need that requires accommodation.

  • Applications should be sent to

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