About Us

Based in Sydney, Australia, Banktech began life in 1991 as an ATM refurbishment and repair business, servicing the growing ATM needs of the Australian banking industry. In 1998 it launched the CashConnect ATM network to service the hospitality industry, thus becoming Australia’s first independent, non-bank ATM deployer.

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Since then we’ve gone from strength to strength.

Today, we own and manage more than 15,000 terminals across the banking, hospitality and gaming industries in Australia, South East Asia and India and process over A$1 billion worth of transactions a month.

In recent years we’ve grown and diversified our portfolio of products and services to include an innovative range of cash redemption terminals, and under-counter and intelligent safes. We bring new products to market by listening to our clients’ needs and finding innovative solutions to their challenges.

We’ve now been adding value to businesses for more than 25 years. Our company’s success can be attributed to a dedicated team that takes pride in what they do, only delivering “tried and tested” technology and a culture a culture of honesty and respect when dealing with our clients and suppliers.

Our Business Model

We are a client-focused business. Our philosophy is centred on adding value to businesses and to providing outstanding service.

The Banktech Group consists of four business units – Banktech Australia, BTI Payments, Utopia Gaming Systems and EFTEX. Our established market position and strong financial performance in Australia provides a firm foundation for further expansion, both domestic and international.


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Banktech Australia

Banktech Australia’s (BTA) primary focus is the CashConnect ATM Network, which now comprises more than 2,500 ATMs in hotels and clubs across Australia. To meet the everchanging customer needs we have developed a sophisticated range of cash redemption terminals, cashier assist terminals and intelligent back office safe

We operate a highly responsive in-house field service team of engineers that operate 365 days a year. They are supported by our National Parts and Re-work Centre in Sydney and parts depots across all states and territories.


Banktech established EFTEX in 2000 to drive and process the CashConnect ATM Network. Since then, EFTEX has expanded to include sophisticated in-house 24/7 monitoring and help desk services. Processing more than A$1bn in monthly payments, EFTEX works closely with other ATM and POS owners including banks, NBFIs and other independent ATM deployers. EFTEX is fully PCI DSS, PCI PIN compliant and certified. A processing partner of Westpac, ANZ Bank, First Data, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and UnionPay International.

UTOPIA Gaming Systems

Utopia Gaming Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Banktech Group. Banktech has been providing payments solutions to the banking and hospitality industries for more than 25 years.

Banktech established Utopia Gaming Systems in 2014 to better cross sell its products and services in Queensland. Since becoming a Licensed Monitoring Operator (LMO) in Queensland – the first LMO in the state in more than 15 years – Utopia has applied and received gaming licences in NSW, Victoria and ACT and has licences pending in other states.

Banktech provides Utopia the financial strength to invest in R&D and continue to deliver an innovative and expanding range of products and services.

Our recent acquisition of Global Gaming Industries provides Utopia with a well-established gaming system platform and a dedicated team that will continue to develop new products and services for the hospitality and gaming industry.

Combining the expertise of Global Gaming Industries with the financial strength of Banktech will deliver solutions that enhance your business and improve your returns.

BTI Payments

BTI Payments is diversified payments technology business operating in India, China, Singapore and the Philippines. BTI Payment is subsidiary of The Banktech Group,a leader in payment technology in Australia that has been adding value to businesses formore than 25 years. Today, Banktech manages in excess of 15,000 terminals across the banking, hospitality and gaming in Australia, South East Asia and India.

Over the last 10 years we have developed a deep understanding of both cash and card payments across Asia and India and how technology can deliver greater financial inclusion and access to many of the services we take for granted.

Over the last two years, we have deployed more than 3,500 ATMs in India and a target of more than 9,000 ATMs by March 2016. 75% of these ATMs are located in rural India but perhaps most importantly more than 50% of these ATMs are the first ATM located in that town or village. Cardholders are not charged to access these ATMs. We are very proud of our involvement in this project.

Our clients include