Monitor all your devices, across all your venues, in one place

Omni VISION is a highly secure cloud-based portal allowing you to monitor all Banktech and UTOPIA devices, as well as EGMs, in one easy-to-use integrated system.

  • Monitor cash levels and track alerts across all Banktech and UTOPIA devices
  • Generate reports and business insights for all EGMs
  • Monitor all your Banktech and UTOPIA devices in all your venues

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Benefits of Omni VISION

Benefits are provided

Streamlined reporting

  • Comprehensive built-in reports for all devices and gaming analysis including cash levels and performance
  • Integrates with all Banktech and UTOPIA devices


  • Real-time reporting gives you up-to-date, accurate reporting


  • High-security systems ensure your data remains protected with PCI-compliant firewalls and infrastructure
  • Regular cyber-security penetration tests ensure Omni VISION is at the forefront of online security
  • Cloud-based reporting means no need for back-ups

User friendly

  • Accessible from both desktop and mobile devices
  • Easy to use
  • Automated reports

Multi-level access

  • Control access for added security and segregation of duties
  • Configurable to allow access to individual venues’ devices

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What are the features of Omni VISION

Features and specifications


  • Displays cash levels across all devices.
  • Monitors activity of all Banktech/UTOPIA devices.
  • Multi-level access allows configurable access allowing groups to see data across all venues or just one.

Device manager

  • View complete transaction history across all Banktech/UTOPIA devices.
  • View the status of all Banktech/UTOPIA devices to maximise up-time and fault-finding analysis

Gaming hub

  • Monitors and reports the performance of all EGMs connected to UTOPIA’s Global Gaming System.
  • Automatically displays real-time data including turnover, profit, and cashbox value.
  • Easy to generate reports and graphs enables analysis of trends, occupancy, and performance.
  • Purpose-built exportable reports monitor trends across all devices and venues

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Frequently asked questions

Our highly trained in-house Help Desk and Incident Management Centre are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year meaning you are never without support. Our Help Desk resolves over 85% of issues during the first call. And in the event you need assistance on-site, our highly trained field service team operates 7 days a week, 365 days a year, providing you with swift professional support at all times.

All Banktech and UTOPIA devices, including EGMs, fully connect to the Global Gaming System and Omni VISION portal for a seamlessly integrated experience.

Omni VISION is an online portal accessible through any web browser and can be viewed on any desktop or mobile phone.

Harness the Power of One Integrated,
Total Venue Solution

One solution means a streamlined hassle-free process

You have enough on your plate. Let Banktech carry the load with our reliable, integrated gaming and cash management solution. Features include:

  • Consolidated reconciliation and reporting throughout the entire system
  • Proactive alerts and support to minimize downtime
  • Easy oversight of performance 24/7 from any mobile device

Every day is smooth and easy with Banktech.