Save time, save money and eliminate errors

DepositConnect Cash Recyclers remove the need for time-consuming manual cash counting. Our compact recyclers significantly reduce your cash handling costs, while eliminating errors and providing secure cash storage in a Level 1, 24-hour rated safe.

If your business handles large amounts of cash, you know how time-consuming and error-prone manual cash-counting can be. Manually counting cash every day can take up a significant amount of your and your staff’s time and unwittingly exposing your business to human error and theft.

With the easy-to-use DepositConnect Cash Recycler, you will slash your cash-counting time and costs, giving you peace of mind that your cash is counted 100% accurately and stored safely in a Level 1, 24-hour rated safe.

Not only does the DepositConnect Cash Recycler count, sort and securely store your cash but it can also dispense individual floats, meaning you can totally eliminate manual cash counting from your business and save significant amounts of time each day.

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What are the Benefits of a DepositConnect Cash Recycler

Benefits of a DepositConnect Cash Recycler include

High-speed automated counting

Counts 1,050 coins at a time and capacity of 16,400 notes

Counts mixed notes and coins, separating different denominations

Detects counterfeit notes; returned to the reject cash slot so user is aware

Can recycle cash into individual floats


Saves significant time and money, and reduces shrinkage

100% accuracy

Eliminating concerns of miscounts or having notes rejected when depositing at the bank

Total Security

Stores cash in a Level 1, 24-hour rated safe

Full control

with multi-level ‘admin’ access via PIN, RFID or biometrics allows you to control who has access, set withdrawal amounts and frequency

System integrated

connects to Omni VISION online portal enabling remote monitoring of DepositConnect Cash Recycler and other Banktech/UTOPIA devices

Peace of mind by eliminating human error and theft

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Features and specifications

DepositConnect Cash Recyclers come in three configurations to suit businesses of all sizes. The compact and highly secure units are easy to install – only requiring a single electrical power point to work.

Note counting machines – the C1 and C2, can be easily integrated with the Coin Recycler if your business deals with lots of coins, such as a shop, pub or gambling establishment.

To find out which configuration is best for your business, get in touch today for no-obligation advice from our team.

Frequently asked questions

Our highly trained in-house Help Desk and Incident Management Centre are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, meaning you are never without support. Our Help Desk resolves over 85% of issues during the first call. And in the event you need assistance on-site, our highly trained field service team operates 7 days a week, 365 days a year, providing you with swift professional support at all times.

Our fair and transparent maintenance agreement covers call-outs, replacement of all parts and on-site labour, as well as unrestricted access to our 24/7 Help Desk support. Maintenance excludes vandalism.

Yes. You can have complete peace of mind that all cash is held in a secure Level 1, 24-hour rated safe. Only you control who has access via PIN, RFID or biometrics. You can also set withdrawal amounts and frequency, and monitor the machine remotely with the Omni VISION online portal.

We can offer flexible monthly rental agreements so you can spread the cost.

Harness the Power of One Integrated,
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One solution means a streamlined hassle-free process

You have enough on your plate. Let Banktech carry the load with our reliable, integrated gaming and cash management solution. Features include:

  • Consolidated reconciliation and reporting throughout the entire system
  • Proactive alerts and support to minimize downtime
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