Banktech, Australia’s leading independent ATM deployer, has announced a partnership with Tabcorp that allows TAB customers to deposit and withdraw cash from their account via the ATM Plus network. Banktech owns and manages more than 2,600 CashConnect ATMs across Australia, primarily in pubs and clubs.  These are currently being upgraded to their new “ATM Plus” […]


Banktech and the RSL & Services Clubs Association today entered into a partnership agreement, securing Banktech’s support for the Association until 2025. Banktech has been an active RSL & Services Clubs Association partner for over a decade. As a technology company at the forefront of both cash and digital payments, Banktech understands the important role […]

Banktech and Leagues Clubs Australia Sign Six Year Partnership Agreement

Banktech and Leagues Clubs Australia today entered into a six-year partnership agreement, securing Banktech’s support for LCA until 2027. Banktech has been an active LCA partner for more than fifteen years. As a technology company at the forefront of both cash and digital payments, Banktech understands the important role LCA plays in educating and supporting […]

Banktech ATM Venues to Earn Revenue from Digital Payments

Banktech today reported it has received confirmation from the Queensland Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (QOLGR) relating to the use of its innovative CashConnect ATM Plus terminal which allows patrons to top up digital wallets using cash. Australia’s first independent ATM Deployer Banktech, continues to lead the ATM industry by enabling ATM users to deposit and […]

QOLGR Review Paves the Way for Digital Wallet “Top-ups” at CashConnect ATM Plus

Banktech today reported it has received confirmation from the Queensland Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (QOLGR) relating to the use of its innovative CashConnect ATM Plus terminal which allows patrons to top up digital wallets using cash. Apart from the normal ATM functionality of cash withdrawals and enquiries, Banktech’s CashConnect ATM Plus machines include a bank note acceptor and […]

Banktech turns 30!

We are pleased to announce The Banktech Group has turned 30! Established in 1991 to sell and service ATMs for financial institutions, Banktech has grown to be a leading payment technology provider covering ATMs and payment kiosks, gaming systems and payment processing. In 1998 Banktech became Australia’s first independent ATM deployer, installing the first CashConnect […]

Now you can Make Cash Donations at the ATM

Left to right, Birgitte Maibom (CEO, Learning Links), Major David Collinson (NSW Public Relations Secretary, The Salvation Army), Christine Roberts (Manager Revenue and Partnerships, Youth Off The Streets), Morgan Stewart (CEO, Blacktown Workers Club), Henry Kiwarkis (General Manager, Banktech). Australia’s leading independent ATM deployer, Banktech, has begun converting many of its 2,500 CashConnect ATM Plus […]

10 Reasons You Need A Cash Recycler

If you’re interested in talking to us about cash recycling solutions, contact us today.

How Much Is Cash Handling Costing Your Business?

Cash handling is a necessary part of doing business, with cash payments unlikely to disappear completely anytime soon. However, your cash management systems could be costing you a significant portion of your income in the form of labour costs and shrinkage. Having an accurate picture of how much you are paying for cash management is essential […]

4 Reasons To End Manual Cash Counting At Your Venue

Manual cash counting has been a stalwart of the hospitality industry for decades. Locking up at the end of the night and counting the float, while enjoying a cleansing ale (or two), has long been a pub or club duty manager’s way out of more laborious tasks involved with end-of-day closing. Due to strict gaming […]

Don’t Say Goodbye To Cash Payments Yet

It’s not an uncommon sight now to see your local bank branch closed down and the building up for sale or lease. It’s creating a cash gap in Australian society, with those still using banknotes struggling to access services in some cases. For business owners who respond quickly, this represents an opportunity to provide cash services to […]

Streamlining Auditing And Reconciliation Processes Through Automation

Between cash registers, gaming machines, ATMs and other transactions, manual reconciliations and cash handling in pubs and clubs typically leave plenty of room for error, as well as being a notable drain on resources. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Forward-thinking business owners in the hospitality industry are already streamlining their business accounting by investing […]

What Are The Signs Your Venue Is Ready For Tito?

This post has been written specifically for venues that are very early in their gaming floor journey – particularly venues in South Australia and Victoria where opportunities to digitise and streamline operations are starting to open up. Have you noticed the rattle of a coin payout has become less and less frequent in pubs and clubs […]

The Digital Hospitality Trends You Need to Know About

Keeping ahead of the game when it comes to digital technology is a good strategy to increase hotel revenue, hone your competitive edge and stand out from the hospitality crowd. Emerging technologies are changing the way bars and clubs operate across Australia and the world. Getting digitally savvy is a clever way to build efficiencies, increase […]

How To Make Your ATM More Profitable For Your Venue

As a club manager or pub licensee, you’re always on the lookout for ways to boost your venue’s profits. And you may very well already have one in your venue: your ATM machine. While you are currently receiving ATM fees for each transaction, did you know there are simple ways to enhance the profitability of this […]

The Technological Lifecycle Of A Gaming Floor

As growing pubs and clubs evolve and change, so does the technology they use on their gaming floor. As the venue matures, so do the machines, devices and backend gaming infrastructure. This often tends to coincide with an increase in gaming revenue thanks to improved efficiency and customer experience. As a venue matures, different challenges arise […]

When And Why Will You Need A Bitcoin ATM Machine?

Australia’s first ATM was installed in Sydney in 1969. The machine only dispensed $25 per transaction and it swallowed and kept your card, sending it back to you via the post! It’s fair to say ATM technology has come along way since the 60s with innovations like central computer systems, 24/7 operating hours, and more […]

3 Smart Ways To Boost Your Business Operations

The whole landscape of hospitality has changed significantly over the last decade. Australians now expect more from their pubs and clubs. We’re seeing festivals, art shows and even laundromats being added to venues across the nation. As a result of shifting entertainment appetites, licensees are always trying to find new strategies to improve venue performance – and […]

4 Cash Management Best Practices For Hospitality

Do you know which cash management devices are underfilled (or overfilled) right this second? Understand if there is enough money to trade? Can you identify whether you have the right quantities and denominations available? With cash holdings in pubs and clubs numbering into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, it’s crucial for managers to get […]

How Cash Recyclers Are Changing The Face Of The Modern Club

Cash recyclers have transformed the ways clubs handle large amounts of cash. They streamline cash handling processes, reduce operational and employee costs, increase accuracy and bolster security. As an innovative cash management solution, cash recyclers are also putting your staff back on the floor ready to improve the customer experience and boosting your venue’s reputation. A […]

How To Get Control Over Your Venue’s Cash

Even in the current time of declining cash use and rising digital transactions, it doesn’t appear as though pubs and clubs will stop operating on a cash-based system any time soon. In fact, due to strict regulation, gaming venues are still largely reliant on cash and today’s gaming managers are handling significant amounts in their venues. Getting control […]

How Cash Redemption Terminal Downtime Is Costing Your Venue

Since cash redemption terminals entered the market, they have streamlined the operations on gaming floors worldwide. Patrons can discreetly redeem cash for tickets from the terminal, saving venues money and converting behind-the-counter staff into gaming floor attendants who can enhance the customer experience. As with most things, when everything is going well, you will barely notice your […]

The Latest Cash Redemption Trends In Pubs And Clubs

With the rise in self-service technology across Australia and the globe, cash redemption terminals have become an essential touchpoint for many customers of pubs and clubs. Now with touchscreens, LED lighting, in-house advertising and cloud-based monitoring, cash redemption terminals have joined the digital age. When considering any payment or cash management solution, it’s crucial to think about the […]

Choose The Right Cash Redemption Terminal For Your Venue

There is no doubt that Cash Redemption Terminals (CRTs) have revolutionised the gaming floor for Gaming Managers. Not only do they enable the discreet self-serve functionality that gaming participants want, they free up staff to provide a more personalised customer experience. Now that Cash Redemption Terminals are becoming more common place, there is a good deal of choice […]

The Future Of ATMs In The Hospitality Industry

The role of the ATM is changing with society’s diminished requirement for cash, and the increase in the use of mobile and digital payments. As a result, there are many innovations happening around the world to keep ATMs relevant and useful to society. However, how ATMs develop in the hospitality industry, mainly pubs and clubs, could […]

Tools Of The Trade: How Independent Pubs Are Digitising To Get Ahead

The independent pub is one of Australia’s most recognisable cultural icons. Known as the epicentre of many a country town, the good old pub was always the place to swap stories, relax with mates and sometimes even to post a letter. Running an independent pub today, however, is a completely different ball game to 20 […]

How To Choose The Right Cash Redemption Terminal Vendor For Your Business

Cash Redemption Terminals (CRTs) have become an essential touchpoint for many customers of pubs and clubs. Yet, managing a fleet of CRTs is no easy task. Vendors need to deal with regulation and compliance requirements, ever-increasing security needs of pub and club venues, rising customer expectations about the interactions and experience they have with their devices. If […]

4 Pubs Shaking Up The Hospitality Industry

The old-fashioned boozer may be on the decline, but many Australian pubs aren’t going down without a fight. Whether it’s a multi-function hospitality site that caters to all moods and demographics, a classic bistro or fine dining experience designed especially for locals, an eco-friendly drop or even just added peace of mind, venues are finding more […]

5 digital trends impacting the hospitality industry in 2019 and beyond

Hospitality can be a cutthroat industry. Patrons are becoming more demanding, and online reviews more revealing. What’s hot one week may be not so hot the next. Societal trends like healthier lifestyles mean traditional revenue streams are shrinking. In the face of these challenges, venues are turning to technology to digitise their operations, driving efficiency, cutting […]

How Australia’s Top Clubs Stay At The Forefront Of The Hospitality Industry

For decades, clubs have been at the heart of the Australian hospitality industry and venues, providing a place for people to socialise, relax and have a bit of fun. But with Australians becoming more health conscious, and with more competition than ever for people’s leisure time (read: Netflix), traditional revenue streams are taking a hit and clubs […]

Can You Afford To Be Handling Cash?

Customer satisfaction is the number one priority for any successful business, and often the most difficult. Keeping staff ‘front of house’ whilst reducing back-office tasks is critical in that process. Spending less time clearing, counting and reconciling cash allows them to spend more time face-to-face with your customers. Banktech has been actively consulting with some […]

CashConnect ATMPlus – Bringing The ATM Into The Digital Age

The ATM is one of the greatest innovations of the 20th Century and Banktech is looking to reinvent it for the new century. Having an ATM dispense cash to their patrons will remain a core service for any pub or club however with more services being moved to mobile it is time to reinvent the ATM. […]

Attract customers and increase revenue with the new CashConnect ATMPlus

Banktech has launched its new CashConnect ATMPLUS product that combines traditional ATM “cash-out” with a growing range of new services that will attract customers and increase your hospitality venue’s revenue. Banktech has started upgrading its existing CashConnect ATM venues to its new ATMPLUS software platform to begin offering a greater range of services including paying ATM fees […]

Is Your Venue Safe From Robbery? How An Intelligent Safe Can Help

Did you know.. Many armed robberies are drug or alcohol related. An armed robbery may not be well planned and there is no guarantee (if drug affected) that the offender is either rational or in control Many armed robberies are drug or alcohol related. An armed robbery may not be well planned and there is […]

Innovative Payment Solutions For Your Venue

When it comes to selecting the right payment solution for your venue, there are many considerations to be taken into account. Does it adequately protect your cash float and staff, does it comply with regulations, does it do what you need it to do, and most importantly, does it provide real value and efficiencies to your […]