Drive more revenue with CashConnect ATM Plus – the future of ATMs

CashConnect ATM Plus bridges the gap between cash payments and digital payments. By combining traditional cash dispensing functions with a range of cutting-edge digital transaction capabilities you can increase customer satisfaction and your turnover.

CashConnect ATM Plus is equipped with a barcode reader and a note acceptor which allows it to perform several additional transactions in one easy-to-use ATM that your customers will love.

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What can CashConnect ATM Plus do?

CashConnect ATM Plus attracts a new set of customers seeking to perform digital transactions, while also catering for those wanting to withdraw cash. Cash Connect ATM Plus delivers a better user experience that will attract and retain users resulting in more footfall in your venue and increased revenue.

CashConnect ATM Plus will attract and retain users by

Encouraging customer spending by providing secure access to cash within your venue.

Increasing customer satisfaction through a range of convenient functions such as digital wallet top-ups.

Providing access to cash ensures there is no impact to your business if other payment methods fail.

Transaction capabilities of CashConnect ATM Plus include

Top up digital wallets

Top up Ladbrokes and TAB digital wallets with cash at selected CashConnect ATM Plus terminals

Pay with points

Allows your patrons to pay their ATM fees with loyalty points. Our pay-with-points function is popular among both venues and patrons and integrates with all major loyalty systems.

Traditional cash dispensing functions

To service and retain your existing customers

More developments to be announced soon

Additional functionality and more exciting partnerships are in development. Watch this space!

What are the benefits of CashConnect ATM Plus?

Benefits of installing CashConnect ATM Plus include

Increase revenue

Digital transaction functions attract a growing number of new patrons who choose digital transactions over traditional cash transactions.

Increased customer satisfaction and convenience

The world is quickly moving towards digital transactions. CashConnect ATM Plus allows your patrons to choose traditional ATM functions along with a range of digital transactions.

Future-proofed flexibility

Equipped with a barcode scanner and note acceptor, CashConnect ATM Plus can perform a range of transactions, as well as adapt to new functionalities that are currently in development.


Industry leading uptime exceeding 98.5%

24/7 support

Our round-the-clock helpdesk resolves over 85% of issues during the first call, meaning quick resolutions and consistently reliable customer service support. Support includes a Field Service Team for on-site visits and an Incident Management Centre to resolve issues swiftly

Easy monitoring and data insights

Connects to our Omni VISION online portal allowing you to remotely monitor all your ATMs as well as any other Banktech/UTOPIA terminals.

Features and specifications

Level 1, 24-hour rated safe

User-friendly design

Up to 2,300 notes per cassette

600 notes cash in

CIT or self-funded cashing options

Frequently asked questions

Our highly trained in-house Help Desk and Incident Management Centre are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year meaning you are never without support. Our Help Desk resolves over 85% of issues during the first call. And in the event you need assistance on-site, our highly trained field service team operates 7 days a week, 365 days a year, providing you with swift professional support at all times.

In addition to facilitating regular cash transactions, ATM Plus can perform a much larger range of cash and digital transactions, resulting in increased foot traffic, customer satisfaction, and revenue for your venue.

Yes, security is our top priority. Bank notes are held in a secure Level 1, 24-hour rated safe capable of holding 2,300 notes per cassette.

CashConnect ATM Plus has an industry-leading up-time of over 98.5%. CashConnect ATM Plus is incredibly reliable, as proven by our customer network of over 2,500 ATMs nationwide.

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