Choose The Right Cash Redemption Terminal For Your Venue

There is no doubt that Cash Redemption Terminals (CRTs) have revolutionised the gaming floor for Gaming Managers. Not only do they enable the discreet self-serve functionality that gaming participants want, they free up staff to provide a more personalised customer experience.

Now that Cash Redemption Terminals are becoming more common place, there is a good deal of choice between vendors and models of CRTs. And while you might think that size and looks count most, there are some other criteria that should really be prioritised in order to sustain healthy, smooth operations on your floor.

Here are our top tips for choosing the right Cash Redemption Terminal for your venue.


When investing in a device to improve your customer experience, it helps to know what customers actually care about.

Of course, as a base, you’d be looking for ticket redemption for cash, compliant, certified transactions and a device that keeps an audit trail. The higher the capacity of the cassette, the more it can hold without you having to empty it on the floor, and the safe the cassettes sit in should be secure. These things should all be expected as standard.

But if you’re new to Cash Redemption Terminals – or even if you’re not, you should also be looking for these:

  • Ease of use for both staff and customers
  • 24/7 helpdesk support
    • For any minor glitches or major tech issues, you need to get your Cash Redemption Terminal  device up and running quickly. Make sure you have decent front-line support to get your device back online.
  • That the device will interface with your current or preferred gaming system
  • Different and flexible payment options
  • The ability to customise the screen for member communications


Web portal connectivity will enable you to see your live gaming and cash data in one place. A good system will help you optimise your Cash Redemption Terminal’s role on the floor by giving you:

  • Device dashboards with offline / online status, errors and alerts and available cash
  • Mobile reports that you can access via any device from any location

Consider the wider environment that your Cash Redemption Terminal  will operate in, and the kind of connected systems each vendor offers before you commit to a device because there are benefits to having a single-vendor solution.


Efficient gaming floors are almost completely reliant on Cash Redemption Terminals for smooth operations. They enable staff to focus on creating a great experience instead of handling gaming ticket collections, and help with the efficient and secure management of cash in your venue.

When a Cash Redemption Terminal fails, a venue may incur extra staff burden and costs as they will need to process manual payouts, and the impact on the customer experience can have longer-lasting effects. If a terminal experiences multiple, ongoing failures, the experience on the floor becomes repeatedly interrupted, and your life becomes a series of service level agreement (SLA) discussions and negotiations while you await some kind of remedy.

This makes the choice of a reliable, responsible vendor essential. Here’s what to look for:

  • Reliable, tested components – e.g. in similar devices with a solid track record
  • A vendor that is well-known for reliability and responsive servicing
  • A local in-house development team that has a focus on continually improving functionality and reliability
  • Responsive servicing with a 24/7 helpline and local field technicians that cover field service, parts repair, fault diagnosis, preventative solutions, remote terminal monitoring and SLA management at a minimum


While choosing the right device for your venue is important, a single-vendor approach can also make life much easier for a busy Gaming Manager. A vendor that can offer ATMs, CRTs, Cash Recyclers, all connected by a gaming system or remote monitoring across venues creates a seamless environment that minimises the effort for a busy venue. Find a reputable, reliable vendor of these, and your operations become a whole lot easier, allowing you to put your attention on the customer experience and optimising your gaming floor.

Choosing the right Cash Redemption Terminal is about so much more than finding the best visual design and footprint on your gaming floor. Aspects such as reliability, interconnectivity and single-vendor approaches can have a huge impact on your gaming floor performance, and should be considered at least in equal measure to the look and size of your device.

Find out more information about how to buy the best CRT for your venue, download our Ultimate Cash Redemption Terminal Buyer’s Guide for your venue here.