Can You Afford To Be Handling Cash?

Customer satisfaction is the number one priority for any successful business, and often the most difficult. Keeping staff ‘front of house’ whilst reducing back-office tasks is critical in that process. Spending less time clearing, counting and reconciling cash allows them to spend more time face-to-face with your customers.

Banktech has been actively consulting with some of the industry’s leading club and pub groups and we’ve found that venue managers need a fast, accurate way of managing and tracking cash movement.

Banktech has met these needs with the development of our new line of DepositConnect cash recyclers. Designed in conjunction with Hitachi, DepositConnect recyclers include proprietary software to help you improve your cash management while also generating an audit trail of your cash.

Banktech’s C1 note recycler is capable of holding up to 12,200 notes, allowing you to bunch feed up to 200 notes at a time with escrow. The larger C2 note recycler has no escrow allowing for a continuous note feed of up to 16,400 notes. Both machines can be combined with Banktech’s new coin recycling module, which is capable of holding up to 7,850 coins.

DepositConnect’s proprietary software lets you pre-load ATM, CRT, TAB and bar floats, as well as create customisable access and authority levels, allowing your staff to collect their individually approved floats at shifts start and deposit them into the recycler at shifts end. The banking withdrawal function also allows your CIT provider to have their own access to collect banking.

DepositConnect can transform the way your business handles cash. With staff no longer required to count cash for floats or gaming clearance, your venue’s labour costs will be immediately reduced. You’ll also be able to have peace of mind knowing that large amounts of cash is securely locked away inside a secure UL291 CIT rated safe.

DepositConnect, like all Banktech devices, is supported by our 24/7 help desk and field service team. It can also be connected to our OmniVision web portal, generating real time reporting and analytics for all your Banktech devices.

“The installation of Banktech’s C2 cash recycler has made an enormous difference to our business. Our gaming clearance is counted and securely stored faster than ever before.  It gives us complete tracking of all cash in and cash out and allows us to manage authority levels and access of individual staff.

The speed of the cash recycler combined with the accuracy of note quantity has allowed us to significantly reduce the cash float required to run our business.

Our cash is safely stored, and accurate balances are easily obtained without having to open a safe. We are in full control of all cash (all the time) and no longer have to physically count and reconcile a 2 key safe.”
Ken Morgan, Manager, Berala Hotel


Start streamlining and securing your cash management with Banktech’s intelligent DepositConnect Cash Recycling solution. To discuss how cash management technology can transform your business, give us a call on 1800 07 08 09 or contact us online today.

Henry Kiwarkis,
General Manager – Sales