The fees that apply for the issue and use of the Hay Issued Card are as follows:

Transaction Fees
Account Opening $0
Account keeping $0
Overdrawn $0
Direct Debit Dishonour $0
Domestic ATM withdrawal Not Applicable
International ATM withdrawal Not Applicable
Domestic Transaction $0
International transaction 0%
Card replacement Not Applicable
Transaction disputes
Card payments $0
Non-card payments and transfers $0


There are default limits that apply to the Hay Issued Card and Hay Issued Account for:

Account limits
Max balance $15,000 per day
Max top up $10,000 per day
Pay someone
Bank transfers $10,000.00 per day
ATM cash out Not applicable
Hay Issued Card transactions $10,000

At any time, we can adjust the limits to protect your interests or ours.

You can find the actual limits that apply to your Hay Issued Card and Hay Issued Account within the Omni WALLET App.

We will let you know via the Omni WALLET website if your limits are adjusted. Please check the Limits section in the Omni WALLET App or Website so you know what limits apply to your use of the Hay Card.