The future of gaming in Queensland

The Global Gaming System is the most widely used gaming system in Australia. First developed nearly 30 years ago, the updated system operates in more than 1,000 venues across the country. Approved for use by the QOLGR, the Global Gaming System provides simplicity and reliability at a cost-effective price.

UTOPIA has recently been appointed as the first LMO in Queensland in nearly 20 years. Our Gaming System (QLD) is tailored specifically for Queensland and provides an easy and versatile and holistic gaming solution that encompasses your whole business.

Gaming System (QLD) enables you to monitor all EGMs, automate payouts and provide powerful reporting and analysis capabilities in one user-friendly system. The Gaming System fully integrates with our loyalty systems and the online Omni VISION reporting and monitoring portal making managing your business easy

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Who is UTOPIA?

UTOPIA Gaming Systems is an Australian-owned and operated business established in 2014 and a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Banktech Group . UTOPIA Gaming Systems is used in more than 1,000 venues and connected to over 20,000 machines across Australia.

UTOPIA is a licensed monitoring operator (LMO) in Queensland and holds gaming licences in all Australian states and territories. The Global Gaming System is the first to be approved in over two decades, ending a duopoly in the market. The first venue went live with the UTOPIA gaming system in 2021.

What is the Global Gaming System and how does it work?

Global Gaming System (QLD) delivers the future in gaming with its state-of-the-art network technology designed to future-proof your gaming floor. The system offers a complete integrated solution designed to give you maximum efficiencies through detailed real-time reporting of all your venues and all your devices.

The Global Gaming system consists of two module

CCU (Central Credit Unit) - This is the heart of the global gaming system. It allows you to:

  • Monitor all of your EGMs and facilitate credit transfer
  • Apply remote upgrades quickly and cost effectively
  • Store unclaimed tickets on the system, eliminating manual handling

The CCU then provides all data to the reporting module, the Global EyE

Global Eye - This reporting module provides an extensive range of functions and useful reports allowing you to:

  • See what’s happening in your venue in real time, enabling you to make timely informed business decisions
  • View all your devices including EGMs, CRTs, ATMs in one venue
  • View your reports online via Omni VISION from your PC or mobile phone

The Global Gaming System

Is Windows based so it integrates easily with your other systems, and means remote support, upgrades and new features can be provided quickly and cost-effectively. The system can perform cashless TITO transactions or integrate with our new, non-member card-based global MIMO.

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Benefits and features of the Global Gaming System

Benefits and features

Monitoring services that support the QCOM protocol

  • Monitor all EGMs in grid view
  • Monitor EGM play and lock-up statuses, generate shift and daily turnover reports

24-hour help desk and maintenance service

Round the clock preventative and remedial maintenance for EGMs and regulated gaming equipment through our network of highly trained technicians

Tailored to the needs of Queensland operators

  • Providing transactions and payouts with system-generated dockets for all manual payments such as cancelled credits, jackpots, short pays and hopper fills.
  • Automated posting of all dockets applicable to regulatory Form 41

Modern point-to-point network architecture

  • Individual accounts for users creates multi-level access and leaves an audit trail
  • Automatic backup and archiving of data

Easy and holistic reporting

  • Streamline reconciliation and reporting process
  • Generate built-in reports such as; daily trading, performance reports, management summary reports, banking report and actual v meter reports

Remote access

  • Automate reports and send them straight to your email using the ‘set and forget’ function
  • Remotely access enhanced reports via the Omni VISION online portal through your mobile or desktop.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes we do, forms are populated with your gaming data.

Yes it does, it integrates with the Utopia Loyalty program.

Our highly trained in-house Help Desk and Incident Management Centre are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, meaning you are never without support.Our Help Desk resolves over 85% of issues during the first call. In the event you need assistance on-site, our highly trained field service team operates 7 days a week, 365 days a year, providing you with swift professional support at all times.

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