Cash Management Services

Banktech Cash Management Services

In Australia, cash payments make up 59% of all transactions at point of sale. Although cashless payments are on the rise, 85% of all payment transactions worldwide remain in cash. Put simply, cash is a commodity and the cost of supplying, holding and transporting cash is ever increasing.

When it comes to currency, the supply chain is more like a complex, ever-circulating network, rather than a linear chain. What is the most efficient utilisation of your cash inventory? How do you minimise the costs associated with its transportation, processing and distribution? Can you understand and anticipate consumer behaviour to a level that ensures the right denomination of cash is available where and when it is needed?

The mitigation of operational and security risk is an ever present challenge. Effective management of your regulatory and business compliance needs is complex. A truly optimised currency network requires a substantial and ongoing investment in people, technology and processes.

BANKTECH can provide complete currency management. We understand your individual organisational needs, but work hard to optimise costs, improve efficiency and future proof the management of this important payment instrument.

We manage the contractual service delivery and performance of multiple providers. Currency supply is a ‘community critical’ service that requires a reliable provider base. Our rigorous approach strives to ensure that our providers maintain best practice security risk management.

Some of the services we provide include cash collections, change supply for notes and coin sachets or rolls. We can provide settlements by cash, exchange or payback. ATM merchant funded re carry and clearances and cashroom outsourcing are just some of the solutions we provide.

Our clients include